compulsory mixer with manual height adjustment

The compulsory mixer acheives an absolute thorough mixing of solids which are introduced during the wet fermentation process. Typically in liquid manure or other suspensions via reception tank systems and hydrolyses in to the fermenter.
The solids floating on the liquid are sucked in and mixed into the suspension.


The support cable is directed over a loose pulley thereby halving the tractive forces.
To prevent damage to the electrical cable a protective conduit in stainless steel has been mounted in the suction area.

technical data flow generator:

  • high quality, helically welded two-bladed propeller with large thrust and high throughput
  • designed in fine-grain steel S 355, d = 850 mm
  • thrust maximum 4040 N, throughput up to 1.75 m/s
  • n = 264/min , rated power supply 15 kW
  • ATEX version possible