compulsory mixer with motorized automatic height adjustment

For professional applications such as in aerobic hydrolyses with permanently changing fill levels there is the option of upgrading the manually height-adjustable version with a motorized automatic height adjustment.


Height adjustment is achieved via trapezoidal - threaded bar which is located in its own encapsulated column and driven by a geared motor.
With the construction made entirely of stainless steel, a maximum travel distance of 2.25 m can be achieved. Automatic guidance, which always sets the compulsory mixer to the optimum working height with varying fill levels can be installed during the manufacture of the machine as an optional extra, available upon request.

The end positions are secured by proximity limit switches.

The automatic tracking always keeps the compulsory mixer within the framework of the path in the optimal working area, which is preselected in 4 stages depending on the medium.

The automatic motorized height adjustment is also available for the OMPG submersible mixer.

technical data flow generator:

  • high quality, helically welded two- bladed propeller with large thrust and high throughput
  • designed in fine-grain steel S 355, d = 850 mm
  • thrust maximum 4040 N, throughput up to 1.75 m/s
  • n = 264/min , rated power supply 15 kW
  • ATEX version possible