elevated, for agitators with a fixed, gastight cover

assemblies for installation in service decks, circumferential wreaths or closed ceilings


  • all parts in 1.4571 (V4A)
  • alternatively available with gas tight barrier for servicing - if the liquid level is increased accordingly, the agitator can be exchanged during operation
  • generous dimensioning of the shaft with attachment for easy installation and removal of different agitators and frame construction including an extensive viewing area with cleaning nozzle
  • turning radius of up to 360° according to where agitator installed
  • cable routing with circular stainless steel rings and additional cable protection hose directly on the suspension cable
  • epoxy resin coated ball bearing supported rotary joint
  • gastight via grease filling in pipe shaft for cable guide and grease filling in the joint
  • height adjustment of the agitator deflected in direct pull, deflection with large pulleys
  • agitator guided on mast with supporting roller outside of centre of balance