gastight mounting assembly for agitators in elevated tanks with foil roof


  • sections in gas areas in 1.4571 or equivalent (V4A)
  • guard protectors optional for for tension belts of the lower film
  • adjustable restriction to locate and secure turn angle
  • generously dimensioned gear rim crown enables easy operation
  • trailing cable guide with feed into gas-filled area is gently guided out of the container in a PE protective tube without major kinks
  • guiding with circular steel rings and additional cable protection hose directly on the suspension cable
  • mostly bolted design construction- allows for easy separate replacement of almost all individual parts without emptying the tank
  • gas- tightness through grease filling in the wall duct or between the suspension cable and the jacket pipe
  • deflection via big cable pulleys for low cable loads and to prevent contact corrosion made of acid resistant plastic
  • adjustable universal mount assembly for 325 to 750 mm adjustment ranges allowing for installation of many different makes of agitators