paddle agitator


  • slow-speed paddle agitator in solid stainless steel construction
  • laminar flow behavior and circulating the suspension with low energy consumption
  • with immersion cup for producing gas- tightness or protection of the seal and the drive shaft of the geared motor against aggressive media from the pit
  • possible automatic monitoring of the prior of the buffer fluid and the oil level
  • for standard pit depth to 6.25 m top edge ceiling for mounting in a circular ceiling opening d 300mm
  • increased soil bearing for preventing horizontal deflection with trestle
  • elevated installed drive unit = reduction of assembly time for service and repairs
  • two or three pairs of shaped robust flow generator (inclined paddle) vertically and adjustable at an angle
  • length of paddle arm 1300 mm, total diameter 2800 mm at 15 kW to 20/min 50 Hz
  • with external ventilation
  • explosion- protected drive
  • transmission by means of inserted shaft with flange; material: 1.4305, 90 mm and split sleeve coupling with tongue and groove