UEP Long Shaft Pumps - Bottom Intake

The UEP AX is used to pump liquid pig manure and swill as well as refilling transport vehicles at liquid manure depots.


  • open rotor in combination with the intake pipe ensures high throughputs with a low risk of clogging
  • small ball passage up to 70 mm
  • bottom intake allows for tanks to be almost completely drained
  • pump bottom section made of welded/ galvanised steel parts, bolted together in a modular manner
  • very easy to replace individual sections and components
  • simple yet stable construction guarantees high usability, low maintenance costs
  • in the submerged region media lubricated bearings and bearings are used
  • this means that no seal against the medium to be conveyed is required
  • stable frame construction through multiple connections between the drive shaft and the pump riser pipe